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Accommodation agreement / usage rules

Article 1 (Scope of application)
Paragraph 1. Accommodation contracts and related contracts that the facility concludes with customers shall be in accordance with this agreement and the usage rules that are integrated with this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "usage rules"). Matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws and regulations or generally established customs.
Paragraph 2 When the facility accepts a special contract to the extent that it does not violate laws and customs, the special contract shall take precedence regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Article 2 (Application for accommodation contract)
Item 1. Those who intend to apply for an accommodation contract (accommodation reservation) at this facility are requested to inform the facility of the following matters.
(1) Customer's name
(2) Accommodation date and estimated time of arrival
(3) Customer's contact information (mobile number) Company name / company contact information
(4) Other matters deemed necessary by this facility
(5) In the case of a corporate contract, after confirming the vacancy, please fill in the necessary items on the [Accommodation Contract] and send it to the facility.
2. If there is a change in the content of the request to the facility based on the preceding paragraph, the changed content will be promptly notified to the hotel.
3. If the customer requests to continue staying beyond the staying date of paragraph 1 (2) during the stay, the hotel will apply for a new accommodation contract at the time of the request. ..
Article 3 (Conclusion of accommodation contract, etc.)
Item 1. The accommodation contract will be established when the facility accepts the application set forth in the preceding article.
(1) In the case of a corporate contract (accommodation contract) After the application form arrives, the accommodation contract will be concluded.
2. When an accommodation contract is concluded pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the accommodation fee for the entire accommodation period related to the accommodation contract will be paid in cash or by card on the day of accommodation.
In the case of transfer, please transfer to the designated account of the facility at least 2 days before the accommodation date.
In the case of a corporate contract, payment will be made according to the contents of the [accommodation contract].
However, for companies with new contracts, the full amount or part of the accommodation fee will be paid in advance.
Item 3. In the event of any of the following reasons, the facility may treat the application for the customer as if the application had been made even though he / she had no intention of actually staying. However, the "accommodation contract" will no longer be valid.
(1) If payment is not made before the start of accommodation or by the date specified by the facility according to the provisions of the accommodation fee section in the preceding paragraph.
(2) If you try to contact the contact information provided based on paragraph 1 of the preceding article of the accommodation contract, but you cannot contact them.
(3) When contact from this facility is refused.
Item 4. If the preceding items (2) and (3) apply, the received accommodation fee will not be refunded.
Article 4 (Refusal to conclude an accommodation contract)
Item 1. The facility may not accept the conclusion of an accommodation contract in the following cases.
(1) When the application for accommodation does not comply with this agreement.
(2) When the guest room cannot be provided due to full occupancy.
(3) In the case of a reason similar to the previous item, such as when it is actually planned to provide guest rooms with priority for disaster victims and disaster recovery personnel due to the occurrence of disasters or other emergencies.  

  1. The customer is in the law on prevention of unjust acts by gangsters and prefectural ordinances on exclusion of gangsters.

If you are a member of a stipulated gangster, a gangster affiliated organization, or any other antisocial force, or a person related to it.

  1. There is a risk that the person who intends to stay will act in violation of the provisions of laws and regulations, public order, or good manners and customs regarding accommodation.

When it is recognized that there is.
(6) When the customer is clearly recognized as having an infectious disease.
(7) When you are requested to bear services or other burdens that exceed a considerable range according to social conventions regarding accommodation.
(8) If you cannot stay overnight due to a natural disaster, facility failure, or other unavoidable reason.
(9) If the person who intends to stay is a drunk person, etc., which may cause inconvenience to other customers and hinder the operation of this facility, or cause inconvenience to other customers or employees of this facility. When you say or do something.
(10) When the customer is in a state where physical and mental disorders are clearly recognized.
(11) Only minors staying without the permission of their parents. (12) When you apply for accommodation for the purpose of transferring the right to stay to another person.
(13) When you apply for accommodation even though you do not actually intend to stay.
(14) In addition, when it is possible to refuse accommodation as stipulated by various laws and regulations or prefectural ordinances.
Article 5 (Customer's right to cancel contract)
Item 1. The customer can cancel the accommodation contract by notifying the facility.
2. If the customer cancels all or part of the accommodation contract in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the cancellation fee listed in Attached Table 2 (1) will be paid.
* Even if the corporate contract (accommodation contract) is canceled, the penalty (cancellation fee) listed in Attached Table 2 (2) will be incurred.
Item 3. If the guest does not arrive at the estimated time of arrival on the day of stay without contacting the guest, the property may treat the accommodation contract as canceled by the guest.
Article 6 (Right to cancel contract of this facility)
Item 1. The facility may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases.

  1. When the customer is a member of a gangster, a gangster-related organization, or any other antisocial force specified in the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by gangsters and prefectural ordinances on exclusion of gangsters, or a related person thereof.

(2) Customers are assaulted, intimidated, blackmailed, unjustified demands, gambling, drugs not permitted by law, guns, etc.
When possession or use of swords and similar items, acts that cause inconvenience to other users, acts that violate other laws and regulations or public order and morals, or there is a risk of such acts.
(3) When the customer is clearly recognized as having an infectious disease.
(4) When you are requested to provide services or other burdens that exceed the reasonable range for accommodation.
(5) When it is not possible to stay overnight due to a natural disaster, facility failure, or other unavoidable reason.
(6) When you commit an act that interferes with fire prevention or fire prevention, such as sleeping cigarettes in a guest room, smoking in a non-smoking room, smoking outside the designated smoking area of the hotel, or mischief on firefighting equipment .
(7) When the right to stay is transferred or is about to be transferred.
(8) When the accommodation contract has been concluded through a travel agency and the payment of the accommodation fee from the travel agency has not been confirmed.
Even in the case of a corporate contract, this includes cases where the fact of the transfer is not confirmed within 2 days before the stay.
(9) When you violate this agreement or the rules of use of this facility.
(10) In addition, when it is possible to refuse accommodation as stipulated by various laws and regulations or prefectural ordinances. 
Article 7 (Accommodation registration)
Item 1. Customers are required to register the following items at the reception desk on the day of their stay, based on the regulations set by the prefecture where the facility is located.
(1) Customer's name, gender, address, mobile number, company name, vehicle number
(2) Other matters that the facility deems necessary
Article 8 (Room usage time)
Item 1. The time when the guest can use the guest room of this facility is from the check-in time to the check-out time set by this facility.
However, if you stay consecutively, you can use it all day except the arrival date and departure date.
Paragraph 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the facility may accept the use of guest rooms outside the time specified in the same paragraph.
However, if the check-in time on the scheduled departure date is exceeded, the accommodation fee for one night will be charged, and the same shall apply for use before the check-out time on the arrival date.
Item 3. Even if the customer can use the guest room, the facility may enter the guest room and take necessary measures when there is a need for safety and hygiene management or other operational management of the facility. I will be able to do it.
Article 9 (Compliance with usage rules)
Item 1. Customers are required to follow the rules for using the facility in the hotel.
Article 10 (business hours)
Item 1. The business hours of various facilities in this facility will be announced on the notices in each place and the information book in the guest room.
2. The business hours of the facilities, etc. in the preceding paragraph may be changed temporarily if necessary.
Article 11 (Payment of fees)
Item 1. The breakdown of accommodation charges, etc. payable by the customer is as listed in Attached Table 1.
2. Payment of the accommodation charges, etc. in the preceding paragraph shall be made at the reception desk in cash or by credit card when the customer arrives or when the facility makes a request.
Item 3. In the case of a corporate contract, payment will be made based on the accommodation contract.
However, for companies with new contracts, the full amount or part of the accommodation fee will be paid in advance.
Article 12 (Handling of valuables)
Item 1. The storage of valuables or cash is the responsibility of the customer and the facility cannot be held responsible.
When you go out, please be sure to bring your valuables with you to lock your room. Also, if you want to vacate the room even for a short time, please do the same.
In addition, please be careful when storing items such as personal computers and tablets that cannot be carried other than valuables, such as putting them in a bag and keeping them out of sight. )
Article 14 (Storage of customer's baggage or personal belongings)
Item 1. If your baggage arrives at the property prior to your stay, we will only store it if you contact us before your arrival and understand this.
Luggage that cannot be stored inside the building will be stored outdoors and the facility will not be held responsible.
Item 2. If your baggage or personal belongings are left behind in our facility after you check out, we will store it for 7 days from the date of discovery in principle, and if you do not request a return during that time. Only valuables shall be delivered to the nearest police station.
If you do not contact us by the day after check-out, we will dispose of food, magazines and other waste products at our facility.
Item 3. The facility will voluntarily inspect the contents of misplaced baggage or personal belongings in order to properly dispose of them according to the nature of the contents, and if necessary, return them to the lost or comply with the preceding paragraph. The processing may be carried out and the guest may not object to it.
Article 16 (About parking lot)
Item 1. When the customer uses the parking lot of this facility, this facility rents the parking lot and is not responsible for the storage of the vehicle. Please use at your own risk.
Item 2. Precautions for the winter season
(1) Snow removal work is performed by snowfall. We will continue to manage our car so that we can move it quickly.
(2) Please note that parking under the eaves of the building or under the signboard is dangerous. Icicles, cornice, etc. may fall.
(3) Please refrain from parking that interferes with snow removal work or parking a car that has no evidence of long-term movement.
* If it interferes with the work, the tow truck will be forcibly moved. The cost will be borne by the customer.
3. We are not responsible for any damages in the parking lots that fall under the preceding paragraphs (2) and (3).
Article 17 (Inspection and cleaning of guest rooms)
Item 1. If a customer stays in the same room for two or more consecutive nights, the room will not be cleaned. If you need to take out the trash, please put it out in front of the room.
Item 2. Room cleaning and bed make-up (sheet replacement) will be carried out at the desired time.
For room cleaning, 1000 yen will be charged at one time.
However, if the facility deems it necessary, the guest rooms can be cleaned and inspected at any time.
Item 3. The customer cannot refuse the room cleaning and room inspection in the preceding paragraph.
Article 18 (Customer Responsibility)
Paragraph 1. If the facility suffers from guest room cleaning / repair costs, loss of sales opportunities, or other damages due to the customer's violation of this agreement or usage rules or any other reason attributable to the customer. The customer will be responsible for any damages incurred by the facilities.
Article 19 (Revision of Terms and Conditions)
Clause 1. This agreement may be revised at any time as necessary. If this agreement is revised, the facility will post the revised agreement and the effective date on the facility's homepage.
Attached Table 1 Calculation method of accommodation charges (related to Article 11)

Accommodation charge Basic accommodation charge + tax Room charge + consumption tax
Item 1. Accommodation charges (plan charges) are based on the price list posted on the website.
Item 2. Bed-sharing infants are limited to preschoolers, and children over elementary school age are charged the same as adults.

Attached Table 2 Penalty (Article 5 related)
① Penalty (normal cancellation fee)
The day before the day 2-3 days before 4-6 days before 7 days before
100% 70% 50% 30% 0%

Item 1. Reservation time is from 8:00 to 20:00, and reservation changes / cancellations after 20:00 will be handled the next day.

② Penalty (group / company accommodation contract cancellation fee)
・ Contract for 4 rooms or less per room
The day before the day 2-3 days before 4-6 days before 7 days before
100% 70% 50% 30% 0%
・ Contract for 5 rooms or more
Same day-6 days ago 7 days ago-14 days ago 5 days ago-30 days ago
100% 50% 30%
Item 1. Reservation time is from 8:00 to 20:00, and reservation changes / cancellations after 20:00 will be handled the next day.
Item 2. If the content of the accommodation contract is false and the contract is canceled, a penalty will be incurred.
Item 3. For all days that are not stayed due to shortening of accommodation from the accommodation period of the accommodation contract, according to the number of days from the day when the request for shortening is made to each day that is not stayed due to shortening And receive it.
Item 4. If the contract is canceled for a part of the number of guests, the penalty for the number of people who have canceled the contract will be collected.

Usage rules
This facility has established the following rules that are integrated with the accommodation agreement in order to ensure the safe and comfortable use of the facility and to maintain the public nature of the facility. If you violate this rule, the accommodation contract may be canceled in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Accommodation Contract.
1. 1. The following acts within the facility are strictly prohibited.
(1) Use of firearms for heating and cooking and other electric appliances
(2) Smoking in beds, other places where fires are likely to occur, and places other than those designated by the facility
(3) Noisy acts such as singing high gin, dissipating offensive odors, and other acts that cause disgust or inconvenience to third parties.
(4) Bringing in the following items
(B) Animals, birds, etc. (excluding guide dogs, etc.)
(B) Drugs prohibited by law, such as stimulants and narcotics
(C) Explosives and volatile oils that are easily ignited or ignited, and chemicals that may be harmful to the body.
(D) Unlicensed guns, swords and similar products
(E) Items that are extremely large or heavy (f) Items that emit foul odors or noise
(G) Garbage and items that interfere with the hygiene of guest rooms
(H) Items such as electrical appliances and cooking utensils intended for use in this facility
(I) Other items that the facility has decided to prohibit bringing into the guest room
(5) Acts that are offensive to public order and morals
(6) Distributing leaflets, leaflets and other advertising materials to other customers
(7) Moving, processing, taking out, and using various facilities and goods in the building for purposes other than their original purpose.
(8) Leaving your belongings in a place other than the guest room
(9) Access to facilities other than customers (offices, kitchens, warehouses, etc.)
(10) Delivery of massages, etc. from facilities other than those permitted by this facility
(11) Use of hair dye, bleach, etc., defecation, vomiting, etc. in the unit bath is prohibited.
(12) Burning incense in the guest room
(13) Activities for the purpose of profit
(14) All other acts that interfere with safety and hygiene within the facility
(15) Bringing in unpleasant luggage or products that interfere with guest room inspection / cleaning work
2. The following acts in the guest room are strictly prohibited.
(1) Visiting a foreigner in a guest room

  1. In principle, it is prohibited to use the guest room beyond the contracted number of people.

* If it is discovered that the number of users exceeds the contracted number without request, the excess usage will be charged.
Supplementary Provisions These accommodation agreements and usage rules will be applied from October 1, 3rd year of Reiwa (hereinafter referred to as the "application start date").

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