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Hitachi's water and vegetables are both delicious!

So, of course, the food is delicious.

​Anywhere is recommended.

DA Ruiji

A stylish and delicious Italian restaurant located 5 minutes by car from our hotel.
The scenery seen from the window is also wonderful.
​The lunch course includes appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink. There are several types of each to choose from, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to choose.

Ginger's exclusive cafe is located 5 minutes by car from our hotel.
Most of our menu items use plenty of ginger, so you'll feel warm after eating.
The ginger rice that comes with lunch is delicious, and the ginger parfait for dessert is also recommended.

Watanabe fresh fish

10 minutes by car from our hotel.
What does it look like? However, the food is exquisite.
Especially recommended is the monkfish soup hot pot.
It's a hotpot that looks like vegetables are floating in the red bean liver.
You can order for 2 people or more, but the portion is so large that it would be difficult for each person to eat just one.
​The monkfish menu is only available in winter.
*There are still many good shops.
​ Gradually increase.
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